May 7, 2008

"...she is made the Heaven on Earth to which we most aspire..."

(You can click on the image to enlarge it to a readable size.)

Since Mother's Day is nearly here, I thought I would share a gem I found in Benjamin Chew Jr.'s papers extolling the virtues of Woman!

To give you just a sense of this document's flavor, here is a wonderfully florid quote:

"nay, more, she instills into the young Soul those Principles, those Sentiments, which give real Life, and which alone make the care-worn sojuournment in this vale of Sorrows worth enduring--She unfolds the Lilly, Honor, and teaches us to preserve its Leaf stainless, or wash it clean with the Drainings of our Arteries--The Mother's Tenderness assists the opening ideas in their expansion--the Sister's affection smoothes the angry Brow, and checks the Sigh of Vexation--The Mistress gives exertion in the Cause of Virtue and then repays us with her Love--"

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