May 20, 2008

A little afternoon excitement

We have a few lingering leaks here in the processing room. Friday, we had a stream of water fall from the ceiling above our processing table. (Luckily, Natalie heard the dripping and we raced around to get plastic over things before anything got wet!)
Tyrone, our intrepid assistant facilities manager, went up on the roof in the rain to determine what was happening. He returned, soaked through, to report that he'd cleaned out the drains around our air handler and that we should be okay now. Everything seemed fine--no more dripping--but today, as we were working across the room, I thought I heard the pattering of rain drops. We looked over at the table to find water dripping onto boxes.

Luckily, we have a leak diverter nearby! We had never used it, and so I accidentally put it upside down and the threads were on the wrong side. We turned it over carefully, and got everything flowing in the right direction. Seems like things are okay for the moment. Here's what our processing table looks like today:

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