June 23, 2008

We've been adopted!

A few weeks ago, we received a lovely surprise in the mail from the Abington Junior High School History Club. They sent us a letter (and a check!) notifying us that they had raised $165 to help fund the processing of the Chew Family Papers. Of course, we were all very touched by this gesture, so I sent them a letter thanking them and asking if they'd like to be featured on our blog. Because it is the end of the school year, we can't get permissions to post a photo, but here is a little bit about them and their decision to raise money to help us with the project:

"In addition to studying history and participating in history-related programs, the History Club at Abington Junior High School believes that it should make every effort to preserve our local history. We decided upon the Chew family papers after reading through the various collections listed on the Historical Society of Pennsylvania’s website. We thought this collection was important due the significance of the Chew family to the region as well as the fact that this collection highlights the lives of “ordinary” Americans. We look forward to continuing to raise money for this very worthwhile cause in the upcoming school year."

We are so excited to have them as our supporters. Look for more information about the Abington Junior High School History Club in the Fall.
Thank you to Mr. Shaun Little and the students in the History Club! You inspired us with your thoughtful gift.


Anonymous said...

Dear Abington Jr High School Students! - Thank you so much for your support of our fabulous project. We are honored by your support and look forward to meeting you in the fall!
Tara O'Brien - Manager of Preservation and Conservation.

Margaret said...

Your blog provides a great view on the world of processing historic materials, with all its joys and trials. No wonder you are catching the eye of students. The scanned material as illustration is very compelling (love the map on the lightbox).