July 31, 2009

The Long-Awaited Finding Aid

Today is the last day of the Chew processing project, and I am proud to announce that the finding aid is now live and available on the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's website for your reading pleasure.

Finding Aids: (Scroll down to "C"), and there you will find the xml and pdf versions. The xml file does not include the inventories, but it is all there in the pdf files. Total page count: 650.


jordon said...

Congratulations, Cathleen! After I've finished _Infinite Jest_ I'm tackling _Chew Family Papers_.

Christine Di Bella said...

Congratulations on this wonderful achievement! Thank you for not only sharing the finding aid with the world, but also the *process* behind the processing of this remarkable collection.

Cathleen Miller said...

Thank you both! We're pretty excited today.

I am grateful to have finished this on time *and* well!

Margaret Graham said...

Bravo! A great feat and the blog so very rich with both content and documentation.

Cathleen Miller said...

Thanks, Margaret. I am glad to have been able to offer this up to everyone. I have been surprised and excited by the interest in the blog. I had a lot of fun writing it and sharing our many discoveries.